Our Services

Networking Infrastructure

When you’re looking at information and communication technology (ICT), there’s one critical element that simply cannot be overlooked, the connectivity infrastructure. Whether it’s a LAN or WAN based on traditional technologies or a wireless network based on next generation IT. The quality of the connectivity infrastructure is crucial to the success of any business. With its highly-skilled team, vast industry experience and partnerships with leading international vendors, Telcolink Pty Ltd can design,

deploy and commission some of the most innovative connectivity infrastructure solutions in the industry.

Telcolink Pty Ltd offers LAN and WAN network connectivity infrastructure solutions based around:

   Structured cabling installations
   Fibre optic backbones
   Radio and laser technology
   Wireless communications
   Electrical installations

Managed Services

As per the definition, Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT asset or object, by a third party typically known as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), on behalf of a customer. The operative distinction that sets apart a MSP is the proactive delivery of their service, as compared to reactive IT services, which have been around for decades. With an in-depth knowledge of systems integration, Telcolink has a solid...

foundation from which we deliver vertical integrated industry focused solutions for our clients across the broad spectrum of industries. These comprehensive and integrated industry solutions are delivered by the group’s professional services and managed services divisions respectively. Some of our solutions provided under this service stream includes the following:

   and mobile device management

We provide these services to the banking industry, financial services, health care industry and other vertical markets who have shown interest and demand.

Telecommunication Services

Let Telcolink helps you transmit signs, signals, messages, words, writings, images and sounds or information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. We:
   Plan and design
   Test; and
   Commission telecommunication related infrastructure
We also ensure that the work done has been certified in-line with the standards for compliance.

Hosting Services

We scale solutions that are flexible and unique to customers’ requirements. Either you want your own dedicated infrastructure to host your services or host your services in shared infrastructure in-line with your service level agreement targets. We offer both:

   Standard hosting; as well as
   Complex managed hosting

Together with our service partners, we have physical dedicated servers, Hybrid server and virtual servers awaiting to deliver service. If you want high performance, service stability, high security and well controlled environment which complies with safety and environmental standard, put us to test.

The range of hosted services offered provide our clients with options best suited to meet their specific requirements and financial situations, and deliver a fully-integrated hardware, operating system, data base and application solution. Furthermore, we deliver on continuity requirements, with back-up and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity is in line with our clients’ requirements.

We offer a managed security service to protect clients’ technology investments. Hosting Services offers dedicated, secure and responsive ICT services aimed at positively impacting the client’s business experience. The costs associated with connectivity and human resources are contracted on a long-term basis, this offers the opportunity to manage and decrease costs while increasing value over time.

In cases where customers require ad-hoc services, we can offer this on an ‘on-demand’ Basis. Hosting services is a 24x7 operation management. Hosting Services examine how organizations have positioned their information requirements to strategically deliver continuous services to their end-user and customer base.


Information and communication technology has grown from being just a cost center to an actual business enabler which provides companies with the tools to increase efficiency, improve productivity, enhance client services, automate tasks and many more. The more complex your IT needs are as a business, the more human and IT resources you would need. As telcolink, we ensure that your ICT resources are well trained and capacitated to deliver on your needs in-line with good practices and frameworks.

We follow a systematic process to ensure that we achieve the best result. We:
   conduct assessment
   then ensure that the candidate is/are ready for the        training
   create a learning environment specific to the candidate        to deliver on the training needs
   train the candidate
   develop a plan to evaluate the candidate

Supplying of ICT peripherals

We have a good record in supplying ICT peripherals since the company inception in 2013. In-line with our partners, we have been accredited to sell and supply to our customers their brands. This ranges from what the partners manufacture or just distribute to the ICT industry. Our main partners are:
   Gijima and many more.

We do not only sell the peripherals, however, we also ensure that they are supported once they are in the customer environment. We support Desktop, Laptop, servers as well as networking peripherals.